Saturday, September 12, 2015

Getting started with Oozie Eclipse Plugin

Components of the Editor

  1. The Workflow area is an empty white space where workflow nodes and connections are placed.
  2. The Palette holds editing and node creation tools. Nodes are categorized into three categories: Control Nodes, Action Nodes and Extended Action Nodes.
  3. The Properties sheet holds the properties of the currently selected items.
  4. The Outline page is a kind of a summary of the workflow contents. There are two views: the outline view and the overview view. Each gives different kinds of shortcuts to reach and find workflow components.

  5. The Action bar holds shortcuts for useful actions: undo/redo, grid and snapping options, nodes alignment options, and zooming options.

Create a new workflow

  1. Go to File -> New -> Other... or press <Ctrl+N>

  2. Under "Apache Oozie" category, select "Apache Oozie Workflow" wizard and press Next >

  3. Select the parent folder where you want to place the new workflow file and enter the workflow file name then click Finish

  4. A new file will be created and opened in the workflow editor showing a start and an end nodes

Open an existing workflow

  1. Double click on the file from the Package Explorer
  2. In order to enforce the file to be opened by the workflow editor
    1. Right click on the file and select Open With -> Oozie Workflow Editor
    2. If the editor is not on the list, select Other..., then select Oozie Workflow Editor from the list

Prepare the editor

  1. Open the palette if it is hidden by pressing the arrow highlighted in the following images

  2. Make sure that the Properties view is opened
    1. Go to Window -> Show View -> Other...

    2. Select General\Properties from the list of views

  3. Make sure that the Outline view is opened
    1. Go to Window -> Show View -> Other...

    2. Select General\Outline from the list of views

Editing workflows: the first steps


  1. plugin has successfully installed but i am not able to see Apache Oozie project in new project list

    1. What version of the plugin do you have?

      Have selected "File -> New -> Other..." (starting from the File menu), then written "Apache Oozie Workflow" as a filter text in the Wizards window?

    2. same problem for me. I have eclipse version: Mars.2 Release (4.5.2) and version 0.3.4 for the Oozie plugin

  2. amazing work ¡¡ ( a lot of thanks)
    And you can open and save existing workflows ¡¡

  3. workflow.workflow is set by default. workflow.xml would be better to use.

    1. Thanks for the tip! This is a free opensource project to which you can contribute. You are encouraged to open an issue at so that it is easier to keep track of and to get someone work on it.