Sunday, September 13, 2015

Editing workflows: the first steps

Inserting nodes in the workflow area:

  1. Open the palette

  2. Select the node you would like to insert by clicking on it

  3. Click on an empty space on the workflow area to insert the node

Connecting two nodes:

  1. From the palette, select the "Connection" tool

  2. Determine the source node and the required output terminal; hovering over terminals, a tooltip would be displayed showing the terminal name

  3. Click on the source terminal. If a connection is possible to start from the clicked on terminal, you will notice a line beginning from the source terminal and following your mouse moves

  4. Determine the target node and the required target terminal
  5. Click on the target terminal. If a connection is possible to end at the target terminal, the connection would be created and you will notice that the line end becomes an arrow head

Reconnecting a connection (changing connection endpoints):

  1. Click on "Select" tool from the palette
  2. Click on the connection you would like to re-connect. Two square handles show up one on each endpoint of the connection

  3. Click and drag the handle at the endpoint you would to change
  4. Drop the connection endpoint at the new terminal

Deleting nodes:

  1. Click on "Select" tool from the palette
  2. Click on the node you want to delete
  3. Press the <delete> key

Deleting connections:

  1. Click on "Select" tool from the palette
  2. Click on the connection you want to delete
  3. Press the <delete> key

Editing properties:

You can edit properties of:
  • workflow
  • node
  • a connection coming out from a "case" terminal of a "decision" node

  1. Open the "Properties" view
  2. Click on the item for which you want to add/change properties
    1. For the workflow, click anywhere in the empty workflow area
    2. For a node, click on the node
    3. For a connection, click on the connection
  3. In the "Properties" view, find the required property, edit it and press <Enter>
  4. A complex property has an arrow on the left of its name. You can expand (or collapse) the property by clicking on the arrow


  1. I cannot delete nodes and connections. I am a MAC User.

    1. Thanks for reporting the issue! This is a free opensource project to which you can contribute. You are encouraged to open an issue at so that it is easier to keep track of and to get someone work on it.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the plugin . If I need to duplicate an extended action node how can I do that ?

  3. what are the values we can set for various action, example for email has got a field attachment : Should i write true/ yes / or give the location of the attachment ? i am doing hands on oozie for the first time ...

  4. Hi,
    I cannot edit the properties. I am a Linux user.

  5. This is a really great tool, I was a little confused at first (the properties toolbar was hidden on my install for instance or where the condition is set on a decision node - its the connection property but you have to expand the node the in the outline toolbar and click on the connection there, then in the properties bar you can add the decision) but in less than half a day I got the hang f it and its really powerful.

    Thanks for this! Really appreciated.

    FYI - Linux Mint 18; Eclipse Oxygen 4.7.3a

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